This Wild Concept For the Ultimate Urban Bike Will Soon Be a Reality

Last week we looked at The Bike Design Project, a competition between five design teams and bike builders to create the perfect urban bike. And today we have a winner, which will now be put into production by Fuji—so you'll be able to buy it, if Blade Runner-looking velocipedes are your thing. »8/04/14 4:44pm8/04/14 4:44pm


Teague Breathes New Life into PDAs with Rugged Concept for HP

PDAs are pretty much in a coma nowadays, but Seattle-based design firm Teague is giving them a dose of CPR with the above concept created for HP. It's a rugged PDA designed to "streamline day-to-day tasks. It synchronizes with the user's PC to track inventory, communicating through RFID and Bluetooth." It's meant for… »3/20/07 11:52am3/20/07 11:52am