RED Re-Teases Nov 13 Announcement With Camera Ports, More Hyperbole

In case you forgot there's a big RED announcement happening this week on November 13 » 11/09/08 3:30pm 11/09/08 3:30pm, RED CEO Jim Jannard is again lighting up the RED User forums with another cryptic tease. Saying nothing more than "Not sure what this means..." the outspoken exec lets fly some ports for the company's upcoming übercamera. As…

Tesla Teases Us With Model S 4-Door Sedan's Butt

After laying off 90% of its Detroit staff » 10/27/08 8:40pm 10/27/08 8:40pm, it seems that Tesla needs to keep the idea that they are still alive and eager to release their , even while it's going to be delayed until they get some money from the US Department of Energy. What you can see here is their chief designer von Holzhausen lifting the veil from…

PMA 07: Day Two To Be Loaded With Photasmagoric Goodness

Day breaks here in gorgeous, sunny and somewhat fabulous Las Vegas, and it's time for Day Two of the Photo Marketing Association Convention (PMA), that photogenic confab that you won't want to miss. Stick with the Giz for the skinny on all the big happenings here at the show, where today we'll get our greasy paws on… » 3/09/07 7:58am 3/09/07 7:58am