Amazon's Awesome Magnetic Earbuds are Only $10 Right Now

Amazon’s in-house magnetic earbuds are actually pretty great, not to mention one of the most popular items we’ve ever posted. Normally, they sell for $19, but today only, you can get a pair for $10, the best price we’ve ever seen. [Amazon Premium Earbuds, $10]http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00HX0SRXW/... » 8/19/15 9:45am 8/19/15 9:45am

Add Over 11,000mAh To Your Battery Collection for $13

Intocircuit’s Power Castle line of chargers is one of the most popular on the market, and their 11,200mAh model is down to $13 today. That’s a great price for 3-4 full smartphone charges. [Intocircuit 11200mAh Dual USB Portable External Battery, $13 with code EWABW9UB]http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00BB5GQRE/... » 8/17/15 6:15pm 8/17/15 6:15pm

Amazon Yells, "Look Over There! $69 Fire Tablets!"

Whether this deal had already been planned, or is meant to distract from Amazon’s interesting weekend, I don’t know. What I do know is that $69 is the cheapest price they’ve ever offered on a Fire HD tablet, and a hell of a deal for anyone who could use an extra screen in their arsenal.… » 8/17/15 9:05am 8/17/15 9:05am

Give Your Dumb TV a Brain For $30

Roku streaming boxes are some of the most popular items we’ve ever listed, and their most miniature model is down to the best price we’ve ever seen today, if you don’t mind buying a refurb. [Refurb Roku Streaming Stick, $30]

http://www.ebay.com/itm/Roku-3500R...http://bestsellers.kinja.com/bestsellers-ro... » 8/13/15 6:15pm 8/13/15 6:15pm

Amazon Seems to Be Clearing Out a Bunch of Random Tech Accessories Today

There doesn’t seem to be much rhyme or reason to today’s Amazon Gold Box, except that it’s full of items that could broadly be described as tech accessories, all of which are marked down to prices that are at or near all-time lows. » 8/11/15 8:50am 8/11/15 8:50am

Keep All of Your Devices Charged and Happy With This $18 Anker USB Hub

These multi-port USB charging hubs are perfect for travel, or just for keeping on your desk or night stand, and Anker makes one of the most popular and highly-rated models on the market. Today’s $18 price tag is the best we’ve ever seen, and a no-brainer if you don’t already own something similar. [Anker 40W/5-Port… » 8/06/15 6:35pm 8/06/15 6:35pm

Pick Up an 8,000mAh Battery Pack for Under $10 Today

This ultra-thin 8,000mAh battery comes with a “fancy customized fiber pouch,” and will only set you back $9 today. That price is only available for the white model, though black and pink are only $1 more, with no promo code required. [Aukey 8,000mAh Battery Pack, $9 with code NBNRLJG3]… » 8/05/15 6:15pm 8/05/15 6:15pm

Build or Upgrade Your PC With Today's Amazon Gold Box

If you’re planning to build a new PC, or even just upgrade your existing rig, Amazon just posted great deals on a variety or peripherals, PC parts, storage, and networking gear to get you started. Just remember that this is a Gold Box deal, so these prices are only valid today, or until sold out. [Amazon] » 8/03/15 8:35am 8/03/15 8:35am

Save $700 on the Remarkable, Full Frame Sony A7s

The Sony A7s might be the “new king of full-frame video”, but its price has remained remarkably stubborn at $2500 (for the body alone!) since it debuted last year. Today though, you can grab one for $1799, which is by far the best price we’ve ever seen. [Sony A7s Body, $1799]http://reframe.gizmodo.com/sony-a7s-revie... » 7/31/15 6:15pm 7/31/15 6:15pm