Arrington: Consumer Reports Needs To Get Its Act Together on iPhone 4

Mike Arrington has a post over at TechCrunch taking Consumer Reports to task over their iPhone 4 coverage. And it's true! It feels like there's a new Consumer Reports update every day that either repeats or directly contradicts the previous day's. It's well worth a read to see it all laid out like this, especially for… »7/15/10 1:52pm7/15/10 1:52pm

William Shatner, Other B-Listers Start Signing Autographs In Personalized Video Form

At a time when the $2 billion per year autograph business runs rampant with counterfeits, it's tough to ensure your memorabilia is authentic. Thanks to LiveAutographs.com, a website that shills personalized video "autographs" from B-listers like Carmen Electra, Stone Cold Steve Austin and the cast of Lost »8/17/08 7:00pm8/17/08 7:00pm, that…