Want the Best App for Your Daily Commute? Take a Public Bus.

I take buses and trains everywhere in the San Francisco area, and I know the city’s bus routes better than I know the UX on my phone. So I had to try Leap, the city’s new private bus service. It was a nice experience in many ways, but I wouldn’t recommend it – and not just because of the $6 price tag. »4/17/15 11:00am4/17/15 11:00am


Paramount's CTO Gives Technical Reasons for HD DVD Exclusivity

Paramount and Dreamworks' recent decision to dump Blu-ray and go HD DVD exclusive may have had something to do with the $150 million incentive, but Paramount's Chief Technical Officer says it's not just that. He lays out the technical reasons why HD DVD is a superior platform, many of which we've seen and heard before. »8/23/07 2:00pm8/23/07 2:00pm