Netgear Launches GearHead Home Network Support Service, Has Geek Squad and Firedog in Their Crosshairs

Netgear is launching their new GearHead service, which provides support and assistance in setting up any of your home networking gear—whether it's made by Netgear or not. The brand independent service is a service in the same vein as Best Buy's Geek Squad »11/18/08 4:40pm11/18/08 4:40pm, except it's focused soley on home networking (and they…

John Mayer Does Apple Tech Support for His Dad, Fails Miserably

Click to viewIn a twist of destiny, John Mayer-the guy who writes to Apple Support saying "Hey guys, John Mayer here" and actually gets replies back-had to turn into tech support guy after his dad called saying "Hey, John Mayer's dad here." The musician tried to guide his father through Mac OS X in order to find his… »7/28/08 8:00am7/28/08 8:00am