Verizon Tech Busted for Using Customer Lines to Make $220K in Sex Calls

Add Joseph Vaccarelli, of Nutley, NJ to the long list of employees busted for engaging in sex-related activities » 9/10/08 6:20pm 9/10/08 6:20pm on the job. A former Verizon technician, Vaccarelli stands accused of making $220,000 in sex calls using the landlines of some 950 customers. The math works out like this: 900 chat lines, 5,000 calls and a…

Texan Law Requires Computer Repair Techs To Have PI Licenses

Texas has a new law that makes it mandatory for computer repair technicians in the state to have private investigator licenses. This is being contested by at least one advocacy group that's suing, as many techs don't know they're being criminals by doing their jobs. The strange new law comes about because sometimes… » 7/02/08 8:43pm 7/02/08 8:43pm

Comcast Contractor Falls Asleep Twice On Customer's Bed

If the Comcast guy falling asleep on a guy's couch wasn't enough to get the company to warn their techs NOT to fall asleep on the job, this surely will. » 10/10/06 8:00pm 10/10/06 8:00pm

Sleepy Comcast Tech Fired

We can't say we didn't see this coming—the Comcast tech that fell asleep at a guy's house has been fired. There was a time when company reps/techs could pull this kind of stuff on a customer and only receive an angry phone call in return. Now, thanks to the power of the internet and our collective schadenfraude, no… » 6/26/06 9:30pm 6/26/06 9:30pm