British Teen Repellent System Irritating US Residents Soon

You remember that lousy mosquito noise device generators in the UK that were supposed to drive teens away because only they could hear them? The ones that actually turned out to be audible to just about everybody? They're coming to the US. People here aren't too happy about it, with some bans and protests after (and… » 4/24/08 1:40pm 4/24/08 1:40pm

Teen Repellent Too Good, Drives Everybody Away

The first review of Compound Security's Mosquito device is in. The ugly little box works by emitting a high-pitched noise that only the younger folk are supposed to be able to hear. Trouble is, in Gadget Lab's test, the sound was audible to those of the older generations as well, those known to the food and beverage… » 4/09/07 8:20pm 4/09/07 8:20pm