You Can Squeeze These Tiny Synths Into Your Skinniest Jeans

Teenage Engineering's been teasing its tiny PO-12 for nearly a year, and for the NAMM show, it's officially launching its pocket synth not as a standalone unit, but as a line of little noisemakers that look like Casio calculators with their faceplates snapped off. » 1/21/15 10:10am 1/21/15 10:10am

AIAIAI's PX-0 Headphones Have Childlike Looks, but Promise Grown Up…

Danish audio purveyors AIAIAI have made some good products in the past: look no further than the TMA-1 headphones. Now they've teamed up with Teenage Engineering to deliver these lovely PX-0 earbuds. » 7/18/11 12:58pm 7/18/11 12:58pm

Teenage Engineering's OP-1 Is a Sleekly Satisfying Synthesizer

The Operator 1 is a portable synth and MIDI controller that lets you sample Beyonce, work your tweaking magic, and convert your sounds instantly to MP3. » 3/30/09 10:00pm 3/30/09 10:00pm