Police Officer Tases Teenager in the Face to Stop a Fight

This is outrageous. Officers in London, Ontario approached this fight this Thursday with the hope of stopping it. The response was to tase the youth in the face. In what world is that appropriate? » 9/24/11 2:40pm 9/24/11 2:40pm

Creepy In-Vitro fertilization Could Use Eggs From a Dead Teenager

A desperate Israeli family won a court decision that lets them extract and freeze the eggs from their dead daughter. The teenage girl died unexpectedly after a recent car crash. » 8/08/11 8:41pm 8/08/11 8:41pm

Another Study Says Cellphones Don't Cause Brain Cancer

The latest volley in the never-ending discussion on cell phone-related cancer clears our beloved phones of any role in brain tumors, at least those found in children and teenagers. » 7/27/11 9:31pm 7/27/11 9:31pm

Pottery Barn Tune-In Bed Packs Speakers into the Headboard

Pottery barn is at it again with the Tune-In Bed. This bed includes a headboard loaded up with two 4-inch stereo speakers and control panel for MP3 players. There are so many sexual innuendos that could be said for the product, but I couldn't live with myself if I made any because the Tune-In Bed is sold at the… » 2/28/07 4:45pm 2/28/07 4:45pm