My Niece Is a Teenage Instagram Celebrity

12 Emoji That You're Probably Using Wrong

New York's cover story this week proclaims, "Smile, You're Speaking Emoji." But are you? Do you understand the difference between the tongue-out emoji and the winking tongue-out emoji? Today's children communicate almost exclusively in these little smileys, and soon the weak emoji-illiterates in our society will be… » 11/17/14 12:51pm 11/17/14 12:51pm

The New Secret-Spilling App “Vent” Is a Disaster Waiting to Happen

There is a new iOS app called Vent devoted to letting people complain about their lives. It's a shitstorm in the making. » 10/10/14 11:02am 10/10/14 11:02am

Skyscraper-Scaling Teen Instagrammers Are Getting Busted By Police

Is there a skyscraper or construction site in the New York City area without a precocious teen Instagrammer on top? NBC reports that Demidism, the 17-year-old who climbed the unfinished 432 Park, has been arrested for trespassing. Meanwhile, the 16-year-old who climbed One World Trade Center this spring has been… » 9/30/14 1:29pm 9/30/14 1:29pm

Double Tap: A Teen Ballad That Reminds You Sometimes Creeping Is Okay

What do you do when you log onto Twitter and find out your honey's unfollowed you? Or you try to friend her on Facebook but she never accepts? What if you're also a teen and you just got braces? You fire up this ballad and you double tap, baby. » 8/13/14 7:00pm 8/13/14 7:00pm

Canadian Police Want You To Respond to Sexts With These Insane Replies

It's been a red-letter past few years for both teens and sexters alike. So it's not surprising that, today, we find ourselves in the era of the sext-addled teen. But the Ontario Provincial Police think they might be able to stop teens at the source with a potent combination of app-based sarcasm and "keep calm and… » 8/08/14 3:22pm 8/08/14 3:22pm

5 Inspiring Science Projects Designed by Teens

The amazing thing about the Google Science Fair isn't so much the ambitious projects that spring from it, but who creates them: teenagers worldwide between 13 and 18 years. Google has announced the 15 global finalists for this year's competition. They're all spectacular, but here are five that stood out. » 8/08/14 10:29am 8/08/14 10:29am

Dropping Out and Hitting TechCrunch Is the New Teen Summer Job

Youths are our greatest national resource, and the youth of today are making apps for effortless on-demand junk food delivery. I talked to one, 19-year-old Max Hellerstein, who captured today's tech headlines with his new startup, Push For Pizza. » 8/05/14 3:56pm 8/05/14 3:56pm

14-Year-Old Kids "Hack" Into ATM Using Default Security Code

A couple of crafty 14-year-old kids from Winnipeg figured out how to get past the security on a a Bank of Montreal ATM. Crazy as it might sound, the "hack" didn't require any advanced computer hacking at all—these kids just looked up the ATM manual on the internet. » 6/09/14 4:20pm 6/09/14 4:20pm

Vacant Hotels and Unemployed Teens: What's Ruining Our Cities This Week

An empty hotel that's symbolic of Vegas's bust. A parking app that's about to turn San Francisco into one big $20/hour parking lot. And why it's really, really important that you spend your formative years working at a Dairy Queen. Let's look at What's Ruining Our Cities. » 5/09/14 1:40pm 5/09/14 1:40pm

Teens Are Literally Crawling on the Floor For the New Snapchat

The level of interest app-makers can command for adding new features is usually limited to a dutiful parroting of the press release on tech blogs. Maybe a mass privacy freakout, if you're lucky. (Sucks, but at least you know they care!) The bros at Snapchat, however, have lived a pretty blessed life. » 5/02/14 11:38am 5/02/14 11:38am

Selfies Have Led to a Head Lice Epidemic

Selfies are so fun. You've got your cool background—ideally, a sun-soaked beach or a compelling urban environment—and you've got your cool friends. Ideally lots of them. Just flip that phone around, put your heads together, smile, and watch those Instagram likes roll in for hours. But it's too good to be true, folks. » 2/24/14 4:05pm 2/24/14 4:05pm

13 Teens Bitching About Teens Bitching About Christmas Gadgets

» 12/26/13 10:34am 12/26/13 10:34am

The Rainbow Spew Experiment: Vomit Has Never Looked So Pretty

There's no telling whether this is the result of one bored teen's epiphany, or whether rainbow spew parties will join spin-the-bottle and pog-swaps in the lineage of teen group fads. » 5/16/12 9:53am 5/16/12 9:53am

Moms Spray Dirty-Dancing Teens with Lysol in Real-Life Footloose Fiasco

On April 22nd, the hormonal teenagers of Manitou Springs High School gathered at City Hall to engage in the rites of prom. There was music, there punch, there was (probably) crying in bathroom stalls. And there was dancing so dirty that two chaperones decided to break out the Lysol. Literally. » 5/11/12 1:49pm 5/11/12 1:49pm

Teen Capable Only of Texting to Be Euthanized, Reports The Onion

Tragic news today reported in a hard-hitting Onion exclusive. A teenage girl, capable only of texting and rolling her eyes sarcastically has been declared legally brain-dead, and will be euthanized by her parents. Using this case as precedent, bodies are sure to be stacking up, judging by what I see on the subway… » 1/31/12 7:40pm 1/31/12 7:40pm

Teen Science Wiz Goes from Homeless to White House to New Home

Samantha Garvey and her family had been homeless for months before she became a finalist in Intel's Science Talent Search. Now, she's a White House honoree, has appeared on Ellen and Today, and has a roof over her head. This is how she got there: » 1/30/12 2:20pm 1/30/12 2:20pm

Teens May Not Be as Tin-Eared as We Previously Thought

Conventional wisdom dictates that people, especially the younger ones, have ruined their appreciation for the deep, rich, crisp sound that previous generations of music fans saw as the holy grail. However, conventional wisdom isn't always wise. » 1/06/12 12:00am 1/06/12 12:00am

Are Kids Really Using These New Ridiculous Sexting Phrases?

I love it when old people try to understand the inner workings of the teenage brain. Like if they think hard enough they'll figure out why little Amanda sneaks out at night. Please. Kids are kids! So parents, just understand that you'll never understand the advanced and possibly unreal sexting terminology of your kids. » 12/05/11 3:20pm 12/05/11 3:20pm