Every Boy Needs a Killer Tentacled Robot (Tee)

As parents and potential parents, we want better lives for our children. If we drank high fructose corn syrup, we want our children turning back to sugar cane. If we smoked crack and flagellated the occasional trucker for money, we want our children having access to the purist ADHD pharmaceuticals that our Blue Cross… » 10/24/08 11:15am 10/24/08 11:15am

A/V Receiver Tee Declares Your Back THX Certified, Ready to Blast

Aahhggg hooking up new A/V gear: the beautifully colored plug porn, just ready to accept fresh, pure cable connections. So satisfying, so fulfilling. Now you can spread that love all around with this new tee from Threadless-"A/V" designed by fellow hookup enthusiast Olly Moss. Olly, I don't know you, but I think we… » 8/11/08 7:40pm 8/11/08 7:40pm