PlayStation Suite to Be Available On Tegra-Based Android Devices

Sony will be bringing their PlayStation Suite to Tegra-based Android devices in the future, and will even be certifying hardware manufacturers for support and to deliver a "PlayStation quality experience." Now you won't need a Sony Ericsson phone to enjoy PlayStation games. [AndroidAndMe via Engadget via BGR] » 3/11/11 9:05pm 3/11/11 9:05pm

LG's Star Has HDMI Port and Tegra 2 Chip, Plus Froyo (For Now)

Some more photos of LG's Tegra 2-powered Star phone have surfaced, showing an HDMI-out port, and Froyo Android. The leaker, over at AndroidForums, claims it's got a 480x800 resolution screen and forward-facing camera. [AndroidForums via Phandroid] » 11/30/10 5:50am 11/30/10 5:50am

Rumor: Motorola's Olympus is a Dual-Core Android Phone

LG's got a dual-core phone in the works, judging by the leaked photos from the other day, but according to AndroidAndMe's sources, Motorola's Olympus is set to run on a Tegra 2 platform too. There aren't any leaked photos of the device just yet, but it looks like it's headed AT&T's way. As ever, if you have any details… » 11/19/10 8:15am 11/19/10 8:15am

Tegra 2 To Be Used in LG's Optimus Range of Phones

Last spotted in tablets such as Toshiba's Folio, Nvidia's Tegra 2 has been signed up for work in upcoming LG smartphones. We can expect the dual-core CPU phones by the end of the year, starting with the Optimus range. » 9/07/10 2:56am 9/07/10 2:56am

Nvidia's Tegra 2 Obliterates The Competition In Speed Test

That Toshiba AC100 Android-powered netbook may not be the most desirable combination of hardware and software out there, but it already has one big plus point—it's Nvidia Tegra 2 chipset destroys anything else in terms of raw speed. » 8/30/10 6:40am 8/30/10 6:40am

Notion Ink Adam Delayed by Tegra 2 Issues?

Those of us lusting after certain Android tablets—like the promising Notion Ink Adam—may have to wait longer than expected. According to a SlashGear tipster, they'll be delayed until fall due to "serious issues" with Nvidia's Tegra 250 chipset. » 4/01/10 10:33am 4/01/10 10:33am