Do You Have to Be Quiet in a Coffee Shop?

I live 2,912 miles from the office. Understandably, I don't make it in every day—mostly I telecommute. And, because I like to see more of the world than my kitchen, that means a lot of cafe working. » 5/06/11 3:30pm 5/06/11 3:30pm

OfficePod Provides An Outdoor Sanctuary For People That Work From Home

Don't get me wrong, working from home is great—but it can make you feel like you are always on the job. The OfficePod provides a hip-looking solution to that problem. » 3/30/09 2:20pm 3/30/09 2:20pm

Plasma-Lift Conference Table Does a Leno-Like Sprout of a 42-Inch…

When it comes to official meeting spaces, many companies spare no expense, so those free spenders will probably love this fancy-schmancy Plasma-Lift Conference Table with a 42-inch plasma display popping up like a boner at the behest of the CEO or his minions. You'd think for $25,000, they could at least go with solid… » 12/27/07 1:15pm 12/27/07 1:15pm