European Bastards to Get Free iPhone and Great Monthly Plans

It's official: O2 and Telefonica users in the UK and Spain will get the iPhone absolutely free if they sign up for a 18-month plan with a $88 monthly cost. But how "free" is free? Is this really a better deal than AT&T's $1,975 24-month plan price? The answer is yes, absofrakinlutely. Those countries got really good… » 6/11/08 5:16pm 6/11/08 5:16pm

Apple and O2 to Launch iPhone in UK Mid- to Late-October

We have received confirmation from two 100% proven sources that next Tuesday's UK-only Apple event will herald the iPhone's arrival to the United Kingdom. The first European iPhone will most probably arrive in mid- to late-October, not on November 1, as some media outlets have previously reported. Our sources are the… » 9/14/07 11:33am 9/14/07 11:33am

Jobs Meeting With Telefonica Head For Cellphone Girl Talk

Gizmodo Spain's got the scoop on a couple of upcoming meetings between Apple's Job and Cesar Alierta, the big boy of international telecom giant Telefonica. Insiders say that besides swapping recipes, the two will discuss multimedia content, the secret "iPhone", and whether Pedro Almodovar's Volver will win anything… » 1/03/07 5:20pm 1/03/07 5:20pm