Microsoft to Develop Voice-Recognition iPhone App Via Subsidiary Tellme

Voice recognition is one if the iPhone gaping-est of holes, but it will soon be plugged by none other than Microsoft. But before you look forward to putting your multitouching fingers all over those glorious nine letters on your iPhone screen, know that MS is only indirectly involved via Tellme, a company they… » 9/29/08 12:15pm 9/29/08 12:15pm

Sprint and Microsoft Debut Location-Aware Local Search

We already know how great Microsoft's Windows Mobile Live Search was, but combining with Sprint and adding location-aware searches? That's fantastic. The GPS location-aware that's going to automatically figure out what city you mean when you're searching for "Sushi Restaurants" isn't actual GPS—it's cellphone… » 9/18/07 2:10pm 9/18/07 2:10pm