This Zombie Printer Was Hacked To Broadcast Radio Waves

All electronic devices emit radio waves when they’re powered on, even if they don’t connect to the internet or Bluetooth. Governments have been using these accidental waves to spy on each other since the 1960s—but this week, a computer scientist at the Black Hat hacker conference took the idea way further than we’d… »8/06/15 4:35pm8/06/15 4:35pm

UK Trains Get Quieter As Window Film Blocks Cellphone Signals

UK train operator C2C has taken the neat step of actually enforcing »10/29/08 3:15pm10/29/08 3:15pm its "quiet zone" train carriages with a system than blocks cellphone signals. It's a technique borrowed from the defense industry where a transparent conductive film is placed over windows to stop electronic signals from sensitive equipment "leaking"…