Acer's First Smartphones Are Missing Something

Acer has unveiled their rumored smartphones, the X960, F900, M900, and DX900. And they don't look half bad, other than lacking WinMo 6.5 and being a tad on the chunky side. Here's a rundown: » 2/16/09 2:16pm 2/16/09 2:16pm

Tempo Wireless Trash Can Saves Files From Deletion

This Tempo design project is a small, recycle bin-like external hard drive that's supposed to save your files from deletion hell. Whenever you delete a file, your OS transfers the file over to Tempo wirelessly, which then keeps the file temporarily until it's out of space. LEDs light up the tempo from the bottom up,… » 8/24/07 5:10pm 8/24/07 5:10pm

Griffin Tempo Sport Armband for iPod and iPod nano

We're so jaded about iPod cases and their ilk that it's a rare day when we even cover them any more, but this Griffin Tempo Sport Armband for iPod and nano caught our eye. » 7/21/06 10:08am 7/21/06 10:08am