Come Touch Tomorrow's (Unused!) Sex Toys at the Home of the Future

If there's one thing that humans can't afford to stop doing with each other, it's having sex. And as long as machines that make it feel even better are available, you're going to want those machines in your bedroom. Naturally, the bedroom in Gizmodo's Home of the Future is full of them. » 5/18/14 8:54pm 5/18/14 8:54pm

Japan Dominates Masturbate-a-Thon: Gadgets Help Break 8 Hour 30 Minute…

Think you have what it takes to become a masturbating champion? Can you endure longer than 8 hours and 40 minutes? Because that is what it will take to beat the new record set by both Norihiro Taneichi and Masanobu Sato of Tokyo at this year's Masturbate-a-Thon in San Francisco. The two finalists went "head-to-head"… » 5/30/08 5:30pm 5/30/08 5:30pm

Tenga Flip Hole Masturbatory Machine Has Me Foxed

I am ashamed to say that the first time I saw this, I thought it a clamshell phone concept. Called the Tenga Flip Hole onacup, it's a *whispers* wanking machine that opens up so you can clean it easily. It's made of silicon, and there are vacuum and pump buttons buttons on it for you to adjust the side and, er, pump.… » 3/21/08 7:51am 3/21/08 7:51am