Why Your Next Tent Might Be A Cube

The next generation of ultralight backpacking tents is adopting vertical walls and square shapes to maximize living space while shedding weight. Here's how they work and what these new tents mean for your next camping trip. » 2/11/15 4:20pm 2/11/15 4:20pm

What It's Like To Live In The World's Lightest Freestanding Tent

Do you get wet when it rains? Can you feel the weight saving on your back? Are the tiny interior proportions worth a few fewer ounces? And, most importantly, can it contain an 85lbs, half-wild dog? We spent a week living in the 1 lbs, 9 oz Big Agnes Fly Creek 2 Platinum so you don't have to. » 1/09/15 3:34pm 1/09/15 3:34pm

​Can Inflatable Poles Make Better Tents?

Replacing their rigid predecessors, inflatable poles offer advantages like ease of setup — you just pump them up — and increased strength. Disadvantages are weight and complication. Worth it? We spent a week living in an inflatable tent to find out. » 9/24/14 2:54pm 9/24/14 2:54pm

A New Method For Measuring Tent Space

How can you compare the interior volume and shape between two or more tents without setting them up side-by-side? Until now, you couldn't, but a new system devised by New Hampshire-based Nemo Equipment aims to change that. » 9/21/14 8:18am 9/21/14 8:18am

​How To Find The Perfect Tent

Is there anything more synonymous with camping than the tent? Whether you're just getting started or looking to upgrade, the shear number of options can be mind boggling. Here's a quick and handy guide to buying the right tent for you. » 8/21/14 11:47am 8/21/14 11:47am

A Tent With Built-In LED Lighting Eliminates Midnight Flashlight Hunts

If you're sleeping out in the woods, and suitably far enough from civilization that you wake up in complete darkness, finding your flashlight to investigate a noise outside your tent can be all but impossible. So tent-maker Big Agnes has announced a new line of temporary abodes featuring LEDs built-in to the… » 7/17/14 5:25pm 7/17/14 5:25pm

Five Ways To Sleep Outside Without A Tent

Tents are wonderfully effective, but also large, heavy and fragile. Can you really go camping without one? Turns out, you really don't have to sacrifice that much. » 7/01/14 5:20pm 7/01/14 5:20pm

This Inflatable Tent Makes the Car Part of the Canopy

This tent takes car camping to the next level. Its inflatable structure can stand by itself, but it can also be attached to the back of an Audi Q3—to offer more robust shelter and storage if you need it. » 5/29/14 7:45am 5/29/14 7:45am

These Snow-White Tents Offer Shelter With Lightweight Fabric Ribs

Shifting some of the structure off the poles and into the fabric, new tents from San Francisco-based Boreas are using design innovation to keep weight off your back and a roof over your head. » 5/09/14 3:01pm 5/09/14 3:01pm

The Gizmodo Spring Outdoor Gear Guide

The snow melt is running into rivers, giving the grass its first glimpse of sunlight in months. It's warm enough to trade your down parka in for a light jacket, and, any day now, wildflowers will light up the meadows. It's spring, people. Who else is amped to camp? » 3/28/14 2:00pm 3/28/14 2:00pm

Tents Should Have Had Built-in Air Mattresses Since Day One

A comfy air mattress can make roughing it feel a little less rough, although wrangling one inside a tent that's a little too small for your queen size bed can be a huge pain. And that's exactly the situation that inspired Dan Robertson to create the Aesent: a tent with a built-in air mattress on its base that's always… » 3/19/14 12:20pm 3/19/14 12:20pm

This Minimalist Outdoor Grill Rolls Open Like a Sleeping Bag

There's nothing quite like roasting a meal you just caught while you're braving the great outdoors. It's an experience made all the better with a campfire grill that doesn't feel like a sack of bricks in your backpack. And while designer Roee Magdassi's Stakes grill doesn't exist just yet, we're hoping at least one… » 12/30/13 9:40am 12/30/13 9:40am

A Layman's Guide to the High-Tech Tents That Keep Secrets Secret

It seems like every day brings a new "revelation" about Allied nations spying on other Allied nations. But while friends spying on friends might not be a huge surprise, the US is spending tons of money and brainpower trying to protect its sensitive conversations—in part, using portable security "tents." » 11/11/13 3:40pm 11/11/13 3:40pm

A Tiny Pop-up Trailer Hiding All Your Camping Needs

It's still not exactly 'roughing it', but this remarkably modular camping trailer provides many of the comforts of home without having to resort to hitting the road in a gigantic bus-like motorhome. When collapsed, Campa's All Terrain Trailer looks more like a hot dog vendor's cart than a place to spend the night,… » 9/17/13 11:20am 9/17/13 11:20am

Brave the Amazon With a Stand Up Paddleboard That Turns Into a Tent

As paddleboarding surges in popularity, it looks like it could soon replace the canoe as the defacto mode of transport for weekend camping excursions. A company called Coreban has teamed up with celebrity outdoorsmen Bear Grylls to create the Ultimate Adventure Tent: an inflatable paddleboard that gets you to your… » 8/12/13 12:09pm 8/12/13 12:09pm

This Solar Charging Tent Means You Can Never Get Away From Gadgets

Camping used to be all about getting away from the clutter of our increasingly connected lives. But then electronic devices became "mobile", which it turns out means "magnetically attracted to our thumbs," and solar charging was a necessity. Now Eddie Bauer (the company) is making a tent with a built in solar… » 7/30/13 11:20am 7/30/13 11:20am

Disposable Trashbag Tents Are the Cleverest Way To Keep Camping Clean

Music festivals generate a lot of litter. Tons of it. Litterally. It's been a problem for ages, but Glad has come up with a clever design solution that solves at least part of the problem: a trashbag tent. » 5/09/13 12:00pm 5/09/13 12:00pm

Chill Out In This Breezy Beach Tent (Beach Not Included)

For Christmas I bought my nieces a tipi to play in. They're obsessed with it, but I felt a little left, out so I'd like one of these breezy Gandia Blasco tents. » 4/05/13 5:20pm 4/05/13 5:20pm

This Floating Globe Tent Is a Cocoon for People

Want to sleep outside without having to lower yourself to sleeping on the ground? Lucky for you, there's an extravagantly complex and probably super expensive solution; The Cocoon Tree. » 10/21/12 5:45pm 10/21/12 5:45pm

The Best and Worst Gear for Nine Days in a Dust Storm

This year I acted as an embedded reporter at Burning Man, a place of extreme temperatures, high winds, and white-out dust storms. The ultra-fine alkaline dust is hell on gear—so it'd seem like a good place to test some rugged stuff out, right? » 10/09/12 4:20pm 10/09/12 4:20pm