Samsung Breakthrough Means Giganto Hard Drives on the Way

Samsung's got good news for you digital hoarders—they've hit the 1TB mark in platter density—meaning they can cram more information than ever into the metal discs that're stacked together to make a hard drive. This means 4TB (!!) drives for desktops, and 1TB drives thin enough for common notebooks. That buzz you… »3/08/11 10:54am3/08/11 10:54am

Hitachi Drops Acid, Explains Terabyte Hard Drives In Crazy Cartoon

It's always great when companies break out of their stodgy PR molds and just go for it—remember those fantastic tokusatsu Norton Fighter ads? Here we have Hitachi, no strangers to the out-of-the-box viral video, ushering us all into the "Tera Era," a magical wonderland of smiling flowers, talking bytes, hard disk… »7/22/08 11:20am7/22/08 11:20am

Seven One-Terabyte Hard Drives Enter, Seven Leave (But Only One is the Best)

ExtremeTech just compared seven one-terabyte hard drives with varying platter sizes and architectures and discovered that the drives are actually all quite similar, but with minor variations in power, noise and speed. If you're looking for a low power, low noise drive that's lightly slower than the rest—perhaps for a… »3/11/08 2:00pm3/11/08 2:00pm

First Hands On with the Only 1TB Drive: Hitachi's 7K1000

We're not sure how this one slipped by us, but the folks at AnandTech quietly got their hands on Hitachi's 7K1000, which is both the first terabyte drive in retail and Hitachi's first 3.5-inch drive to use perpendicular recording (that basically means it records your files vertically, as opposed to horizontally to… »4/11/07 12:45pm4/11/07 12:45pm