Woman Fired For Causing Disharmony in Workplace by Using Angry Fonts

Time Bananas and awkward statements aside, Jason Chen's a pretty cool guy to work for. I'm sure that unlike Vicki Walker's boss, he wouldn't fire me for going nuts with bold or colorful fonts in emails. RIGHT? » 8/31/09 9:20pm 8/31/09 9:20pm

Cancel T-Mobile Service w/o the Fees

Keeping in line with our previous tips about cancelling Verizon, Sprint, and Cingular, here's the way to get out of T-Mobile without ponying up $200 per line. Yes, it's the same old SMS price-increase scheme, which worked with various success on other providers. » 3/21/07 6:30pm 3/21/07 6:30pm

Cingular TXT Message Cancellation Update: Not So Good

Remember when we told you that you can get out of a Cingular contract thanks to their text message rate hike? Turns out Cingular doesn't quite want you to do that. The Consumerist has been documenting how much trouble Cingular's been giving callers who call in to cancel, saying that text messages are a subscribed… » 12/26/06 6:10pm 12/26/06 6:10pm

How To Get Out of Your Cingular Contract Without Fees

Thanks to Cingular's recent text message bump from 10 cents to 15 cents per message, (dis)loyal customers can now get out of their contracts without fear of penalty. » 12/19/06 5:55pm 12/19/06 5:55pm