Geniuses created a robot that plays Flappy Bird better than humans

Suck at Flappy Bird? Don't worry, most humans do. Even if you're smart, the game is so silly it won't reward your intelligence. But do you know how you could outsmart Flappy Bird? By building a Flappy Bird terminator. Two guys from China used their frustration to make a robot who basically kicks ass at Flappy Bird.… » 2/25/14 8:30pm 2/25/14 8:30pm

The Most Insanely Complex Stunts from Science Fiction and Fantasy Films


Nowadays, when you go see a big movie, you assume everything is going to be computer animation and greenscreen, and nothing is real. But a lot of the biggest, craziest movie stunts, past and present, have been entirely practical. Here are some of the most complicated stunt sequences that were created in reality. » 1/31/14 6:10pm 1/31/14 6:10pm

On Site at the Machine Olympics of DARPA's Robotics Challenge

The DARPA Robotics Challenge, or DRC, kicked off today at the Homestead-Miami Speedway about 30 miles south of Miami. A total of sixteen teams from around the world are here to challenge each other today and tomorrow in timed trials, and to compete for funding from DARPA, the Pentagon's mad science arm. A seventeenth… » 12/20/13 2:37pm 12/20/13 2:37pm

Book that Doomsday Bunker...DARPA Holds Contest for Real-Life Skynet

Allow us to recommend a few good bomb shelters, missile silos, and doomsday timeshares, because DARPA, the advanced defence arm of the US government, has just offered a two million dollar prize for the creation of the real-life Skynet. Uh oh. » 11/06/13 10:22pm 11/06/13 10:22pm

Scientists Made a "Terminator" Polymer That Can Heal Itself Like Magic

We might not be able to build a liquid metal T-1000 killing machine yet, but we just took a huge step towards building a plastic one. Scientists have managed to develop a new polymer that—when cut in half—can heal all by itself. Pretty awesome trick. » 9/14/13 1:04pm 9/14/13 1:04pm

T-600 Is Menacing Even When You Can See Puppeteers Moving It

Stan Winston Schools has released other behind the scenes footage of the T-600 puppet from Terminator Salvation, but this gives a clearer sense of how the animatronics evolved and how important the materials are in any puppet. If it's not lightweight, but with the stability and feel of whatever it's representing, it… » 9/01/13 7:12pm 9/01/13 7:12pm

A Full Scale Lego T-800 Terminator Sent Back In Time To Blow Our Minds

We wholeheartedly approve of this recent trend of perfect 1:1 scale Lego creations. First, it was the Lego X-Wing which tipped the scales as the largest Lego creation ever assembled. And now it's this smaller—though no less fantastic—full scale Lego T-800 Terminator model built by Martin Latta. » 5/30/13 1:27pm 5/30/13 1:27pm

52 Tons and Ten Guns: This Tank Killer Killer Makes it Rain Hell

Chechen fighters utterly pwned the Russian Federation's tanks during the Battle of Grozny, targeting the vehicles' thinly-armored roofs with RPGs from rooftop sniper nests. Russia's go-to anti-personnel armor at the time, the BMP-2, couldn't raise its turrets high enough to return fire. So, Russia began do develop an… » 6/25/12 11:30am 6/25/12 11:30am

Amazingly Detailed and Animated Terminator Busts Will Strike Fear In…

Starting with a rare vinyl model of the T-800 that was released in limited numbers after Terminator 2 hit theaters, Japanese artists at T-Studios create these wonderfully detailed chrome terminator busts, complete with light-up eyes and animated features. It's the perfect reminder that mankind's days are numbered. » 5/17/12 1:25pm 5/17/12 1:25pm