Facebook Clarified its Policies. Now How About Fixing Them?

Facebook recently updated its community standards. As the company noted in the announcement accompanying the change, their "policies and standards themselves are not changing," but that they wanted to provide more clarity to a set of existing rules that have often been misunderstood by users. »3/24/15 3:45am3/24/15 3:45am


Instagram Admits It Screwed Up and Goes Back to the Old Terms of Service That Won't Sell Your Photos

Instagram has just announced that it'll be reverting back to the original Terms of Service for the advertising section that has been in place since 2010. Which basically means they've abandoned the whole mess they just created because they saw how pissed off everyone was. Good thing Instagram pays attention to the… »12/20/12 7:36pm12/20/12 7:36pm

Here's a Translation of All that Gangsta Slang in the iTunes Terms of Service

For the critically unhip who don't know their way around even the simplest of hip-hop slang, RapGenius is something of a translator, cataloging the ins and outs of the genre's jargon, and spoon-feeding it to squares like me. And what could be more packed with impenetrable slang than the "lyrics" to the iTunes Terms… »10/13/12 6:00pm10/13/12 6:00pm

It's Not a Crime to Break a Terms of Service Agreement (So It's Okay to Never Read Them)

We all blindly agree with those much too long Terms of Service Agreements without even reading them, right? So what happens if you like, do something unagreeable with the TOS? According to the 9th Circuit Federal Court of Appeals... nothing. They've ruled that it's not a crime to break a TOS. »4/12/12 10:03am4/12/12 10:03am

Could @Qwikster Make Mad Bank Selling His Twitter Handle to Netflix?

Sunday night's announcement from Netflix CEO Reed Hastings that the company was to be split in two was a bombshell that quickly became a joke. According to Reed, Netflix will continue to stream content, while a new company called Qwikster would handle DVD distribution. Unfortunately Netflix/Qwikster haven't acquired… »9/19/11 6:02pm9/19/11 6:02pm