San Francisco Hunting For "Mystery Device" on City Network

San Francisco is continuing to untangle the mess created by the notorious Terry Childs after his attempt to bring down the city network »9/12/08 11:00am9/12/08 11:00am. According to estimates, the cleanup has cost taxpayers $1 million so far, with an additional $800,000 set aside for unforeseen problems. The latest development in the saga occurred…

S.F. Hacker Deeply Troubled, Turned City Computer System Into "His Own Private Network"

Initially, Terry Child's hijacking of the San Francisco computer network had a rebellious vibe about it that was, well...sort of admirable. However, much has happened in the last couple of weeks that has painted him as more than a simple disgruntled employee. Now it seems that Childs is actually a brilliant but deeply… »7/28/08 5:40pm7/28/08 5:40pm

Disgruntled Computer Engineer Hijacks San Fran's New Computer Network: Jail Not an Obstacle

Terry Childs, a 43-year-old computer network administrator in Pittsburgh, is in the midst of a legendary computer hack that has denied administrator access to San Francisco's new multimillion-dollar network. Apparently, Childs was recently disciplined at his job for poor performance and his supervisors unsuccessfully… »7/15/08 4:30pm7/15/08 4:30pm