Apple, Microsoft Supplier Chief Calls His One Million Employees…

Terry Gou is the chairman of Hon Hai Precision, the owners of Foxconn. He's also an insensitive asshat. At the company year-end party at the Taipei Zoo he said: "I have a headache how to manage one million animals." HILARIOUS! » 1/23/12 8:21am 1/23/12 8:21am

Foxconn Explains Away Claims of Abused Employees

Not only does Foxconn "categorically reject" last week's shocking survey of 1,736 employees who told of overtime, lack of promised payrises and even violence, but they believe that their 937,000 employees work in a "safe and positive" environment. » 10/12/10 5:40am 10/12/10 5:40am

An In-Depth Look at the Factory That Makes the iPhone Possible

Bloomberg Businessweek has just dropped an incredibly up-close look at controversial Chinese electronics supplier Foxconn and its founder, Terry Gou. It's the most thorough look to date at one of the most powerful—and intriguing—manufacturers in the world. » 9/09/10 5:52pm 9/09/10 5:52pm