This Kinect Hack Puts Supervillan Electricity At Your Fingertips

When you've got hacked Kinect and two Tesla coils at your disposal, you're just an evil cackle away from being a fully credentialed evil genius. The 50Hz-200Hz coils here have been rigged to respond to your (sinister) hand movements, giving you the illusion of pure madness. Or just nicely accentuates the madness… »3/14/11 2:40pm3/14/11 2:40pm

Lightning Alarm Clock Gets You Out of Bed at Lightning Speed

Obeying our alarm clocks is nigh on impossible, but with the Lightning Alarm Clock the incentive to exit from slumber may be enough to get us out of bed swiftly. The plastic, butt-ugly base containing the clock dial leaves a lot to be desired—until you see the upper half. A glass tube arches across the top housing a… »10/09/07 6:03am10/09/07 6:03am