Tesla Model X Windshield May Cause Drivers To Experience Double Vision (Update)

Tesla claims that its Model X crossover has the largest windshield of any production car. It’s also been a developmental nightmare that was delayed again and again for issues with suppliers and engineering those damn Falcon doors. Now it may have a problem with light ghosting in the big fancy windshield causing…

France Is Offering Tesla An Old Nuclear Power Plant For Its European Factory

Earlier this year, Tesla CEO Elon Musk spoke of establishing a European manufacturing facility while attending a Tesla owners event in France. Well the people of France were listening, and it’s now reported that the government has offered the electric automaker a re-purposed nuclear power facility as a potential site…

Rich Kids in Tiny Tesla Model S Ride-ons Will Now Be Looking Down on You Too

What you’re really paying for when you buy an electric car like the Tesla Model S isn’t the savings on fuel, or even the whisper quiet ride. You’re paying for the ability to be smug and self-righteous to drivers in gas-powered cars, and now even little kids can start making others feel guilty about driving a…

How A Tesla With Autopilot Forced Us To Take The Road Trip Of The Past

The weird thing about the road trip of the future is that it’s much more like the road trips we used to take in our past than anything else. My coworkers and I just did 1400-odd miles in an electric Tesla Model S that could also drive itself. It wasn’t just the trip of the future. It was the way things used to be, too.