Tesla's CEO Feared Microsoft Would Make His Car Racist And Slow

I'd just taken over as Tesla's PR guy and had been contacted by old friends at Microsoft Game Studios about including the Tesla Roadster in Project Gotham Racing 4. Darryl Siry, my boss, took me into Martin Eberhard's (Tesla's Co-founder/then CEO) office to broach the topic. That's when it went very wrong. » 8/14/13 1:21pm 8/14/13 1:21pm

Tesla Motors Gets a $40m Cash Recharge, Probably Won't Disappear

Fresh off a pretty huge round of layoffs » 11/03/08 5:42am 11/03/08 5:42am, their Detroit office closure and a about their solvency, Tesla Motors has been promised $40m in financing. Considering the fact that Elon Musk, and the owner of the company, had just a few weeks ago that the company only had about $9m in bank, this new investment probably…

Electric Tesla Roadster Wastes Tons of Energy When Parked

Martin Eberhard, former CEO and co-founder of Tesla Motors, was surprisingly frank in a recent blog post about a major shortcoming with his new Tesla Roadster » 10/16/08 2:50pm 10/16/08 2:50pm. Soon after receiving his vehicle, Eberhard noticed that the ESS pump runs coolant through the battery all the time—even when turned off (so long as it is at…

New Tesla Gearbox Ups Range to 244 Miles, Hits Zero to 60 Time of 4.0…

Tesla Motors is finally rolling out its long-awaited single-speed transmission for the all-electric Tesla Roadster, which will pare down durability issues while upping torque and range. The new gearbox, made by transmission whiz kids Borg Warner, lets the Roadster hit its promised zero to 60 time of 4.0 seconds while… » 9/12/08 2:30am 9/12/08 2:30am

Tesla Motors Opens First Dealership in LA

At long last Tesla Motors has opened its first dealership in LA. The $109,000 all-electric sports car has just started shipping to the people who first preordered them. So you can certainly go test drive one in LA now (with more dealerships set to open in other cities in the coming months), but expect to wait 15 months … » 5/05/08 6:30pm 5/05/08 6:30pm

Tesla Motors Founder to Lease No-Money-Down SolarCity Solar Panels

When you're green, you're green: Tesla Motors chairman Elon Musk's other gig is SolarCity, a solar energy company that just announced it would lease panels to residents of San Jose with no money down. Typically going solar requires a $20K to $30K install, or at the very least, a $2,000 down payment, so a… » 4/16/08 11:20am 4/16/08 11:20am