​Tesla Roadster 3.0 Can Drive From SF To LA (400 Miles!) In One Charge

Tesla is out with its 3.0 upgrade for the Roadster, and by combining improved aerodynamics, reduced rolling resistance, and new batteries, Tesla claims its achieved a 40-50 percent improvement on range. And it's going to test that with a road trip from San Francisco to Los Angeles. » 12/26/14 12:55pm 12/26/14 12:55pm

Electric Tesla Roadster Wastes Tons of Energy When Parked

Martin Eberhard, former CEO and co-founder of Tesla Motors, was surprisingly frank in a recent blog post about a major shortcoming with his new Tesla Roadster » 10/16/08 2:50pm 10/16/08 2:50pm. Soon after receiving his vehicle, Eberhard noticed that the ESS pump runs coolant through the battery all the time—even when turned off (so long as it is at…

New Tesla Gearbox Ups Range to 244 Miles, Hits Zero to 60 Time of 4.0…

Tesla Motors is finally rolling out its long-awaited single-speed transmission for the all-electric Tesla Roadster, which will pare down durability issues while upping torque and range. The new gearbox, made by transmission whiz kids Borg Warner, lets the Roadster hit its promised zero to 60 time of 4.0 seconds while… » 9/12/08 2:30am 9/12/08 2:30am

Key to Cheaper Lithium Ion Batteries Could Be Inside the Microwave

Researchers at UT Austin have devised a new way to create lithium iron phosphate-the compound inside high-density Li-ion batteries being developed for cars and power tools-that uses microwaves to cut costs. The new method requires lower temperatures (300° C rather than 700°) and less time to fabricate the phosphate… » 7/29/08 11:42am 7/29/08 11:42am

Gizmodo Super Bowl XLII Tech Commercial Awards

Click to viewThis year was a pretty incredible Super Bowl (especially after last year when one Giz staffer's hometown Bears lost). And while the most exciting 30 seconds this year were definitely late in the fourth quarter, the commercials, as always, held their own competition to captivate the audience. Here are our… » 2/04/08 10:00am 2/04/08 10:00am

Tesla Roadster Gets Street Legal Status, Crushed into a Pulp

The Tesla Roadster just had an appointment with the crash test dummies and a solid concrete wall. Good news—it got smashed up beyond recognition and is now street legal. The road to legality involved front and rear crash testing; windshield and rear view mirror visibility tests, as well as standard fittings compliance… » 1/26/08 5:30pm 1/26/08 5:30pm

Solar City Teams Up With Tesla for Solar-Powered Sports Car Driving

One of the problems we can see with the Tesla Roadster is that you still have to suck up pollution-causing power to run the thing, even though it doesn't directly pollute the air with noxious internal combustion engine fumes. Now Solar City has teamed up with Tesla to provide solar panels that you install on the roof… » 12/07/07 1:20pm 12/07/07 1:20pm

Tesla Electric Sports Car Coming This Fall, Not Sold Out Yet

The Tesla electro-roadster that goes from 0-60 in 4 seconds is due to hit the streets this fall, and there are 560 orders for the $98,000 electric sports car already pending. Hey, wait a minute. We thought all the Teslas were sold out. Not so, according to a Tesla Motors spokesman, who says the Lotus factory where the… » 7/25/07 9:50am 7/25/07 9:50am

Tesla Roadster Won't Meet Original Range Promises

Aw, shucks. The Tesla Roadster, everyone's favorite electric sports car, isn't going to be quite as impressive as the initial stats claimed. While the first announcements about the car said it would have a 250 mile range, a letter that was sent out to the first 380+ people who've ordered one let them know that, due to… » 4/18/07 11:30am 4/18/07 11:30am