Real Life Death Star? No, It's How GE Tests Jet Engines

To ensure the safety of America's 730 million annual air travelers, all new jet engines must undergo arduous FAA safety testing—including a grueling series of static ground tests subjecting them to everything from gale force winds to simulated bird strikes. But how does one reproduce the identical test conditions… »1/22/13 1:20pm1/22/13 1:20pm

An Amazing Student Was Caught with a 35-Foot Long Cheat Sheet Filled with 25,000 Answers

If you've cheated in school, you've probably scribbled test answers on an eraser, passed notes with a friend, glanced at your classmate's test or even made a cheat sheet. You never, however, cheated like this amazing student. He's taken cheating to an entirely different level: A 35-foot long cheat sheet with 25,000… »6/11/12 6:20pm6/11/12 6:20pm

Man With Uncontrollable Tremors Gives Image Stabilization Its Truest Test

Camera tests can be somewhat tedious, and if you're a tried and true camera nerd, you have probably seen experiments and comparisons ad nauseum. But this test, showing the effectiveness if the image stabilization feature of the Olympus OM-D E-M5 has a personal touch that makes it stand out among the rest. »5/01/12 1:20pm5/01/12 1:20pm

Controversial Blood Test Predicts How Long You Will Live

A new test set to hit the market in Britain in the next year aims to tell patients how long they have to live, and naturally that's not happening without controversy. The test measures a person's telomeres, those structures found on the tips of chromosomes. The length of telomeres apparently correlates with how fast a… »5/18/11 2:00pm5/18/11 2:00pm

J.D. Power Gives Top Marks to Verizon for Nationwide Call Quality

Kudos to Verizon for snagging the coveted J.D. Power award for best call quality. The award confirms what many former AT&T customers have probably known for some time now. J.D. Power's testing was done between July and December and found Verizon to have the best/tied for the best scores in categories like customer… »3/06/11 5:00pm3/06/11 5:00pm