This Clever Egg Washer Could Save 90 Million Chickens a Year

Regardless of which came first, chickens and their eggs are big business. In the US alone, we raise nine billion fowl—more than the total number of humans on Earth—every single year. Problem is, eggs have a natural failure rate (due to bacterial infections and such) of one percent—90 million birds annually—and our… »7/09/13 11:30am7/09/13 11:30am

Guitar Hero Robot Shows Just How Much Its Creators Love Achievements

These Electrical Engineering students at Texas A&M love Guitar Hero so much that they made a "robot," which is actually just some levers and switches and a circuit board set up on top of a Guitar Hero guitar, and a system that analyzes the video signal to determine when and where to hit the notes. The end result is… »4/23/08 3:00pm4/23/08 3:00pm