Yup, the President Can Mass-Message Everyone in the Country Any Time

The President of the United States can mass-message the entire phone-carrying nation at the same time whenever he deems it necessary, as a Wall Street Journal video reminded us today. » 2/18/15 12:20pm 2/18/15 12:20pm

Hackers Can Force ATMs to Spit Out Money With a Text Message

It's getting remarkably easy to hack ATMs these days, and security researchers say that Microsoft's aging Windows XP is making the problem worse. This week, security analysts at Symantec blogged about a new technique popping up in Mexico that uses text messages to give hackers access. It's as wild as it sounds. » 3/25/14 1:20pm 3/25/14 1:20pm

This iPhone Prank Tricks People Into Thinking They're Getting a Text

You know the feeling. You and a friend are having a conversation via text and the little bubble with the blinking dots shows up indicating that she's typing. So much anticipation! You'd stare at those dots for hours waiting for a text, wouldn't you? Wouldn't it be funny if the dots just kept blinking? » 10/08/13 4:20pm 10/08/13 4:20pm

The Future of Texting Is a Mess

SMS messaging turned 20 years old yesterday, and feels even older. It's decrepit, though, wildly overpriced, and too limited to be our long-term texting solution. » 12/04/12 2:46pm 12/04/12 2:46pm

The First Text Message Was Sent 20 Years Ago Today

On December 3rd 1992, a 22-year-old Canadian test engineer sat down and typed out a very simple message, "Merry Christmas." It flew over the Vodafone network to the phone of one Richard Jarvis, and since then, we just haven't been able to stop texting. » 12/03/12 10:11am 12/03/12 10:11am

What's the Worst Accidental Text You've Ever Sent or Received?

The above photo is a real example of texting gone horribly wrong. Morbid and hilarious for us, but uncomfortable for the him (or her). And it just brings up so many questions. » 10/24/12 5:20pm 10/24/12 5:20pm

Why I Never Want To Get a Text Message Ever Again

A few years ago texting was the bomb. It was quick, easy, way better than having to open yourself up to an actual back-and-forth conversation with someone, and perfect for surreptitious communication in class or meetings or whathaveyou. That said, I'd be glad to never get a text message ever again. » 10/21/12 3:00pm 10/21/12 3:00pm

Do You Care About Punctuation in Text Messages?

Text messaging is arguably the most casual form of communication available—and, back when we all first began to text on our dumbphones, the sort of shorthand style that developed was perfectly reasonable. Why strain to type out full words, when a universally understood abbreviation could do the job just as well? » 8/29/12 10:30pm 8/29/12 10:30pm

The Best (And Worst) Texting Scenes in TV and Movies

Text messaging is new enough that movies and TV shows haven't landed on a consistent way to show viewers what their characters are saying. Done incorrectly, an on-screen text session can look immediately dated or weird. But with the right visuals, the effect can be sublime, as Every Frame A Painting shows us. » 8/23/12 10:08am 8/23/12 10:08am

17-Year-Old Speed-Texting Champion Does it Drrrty (UPDATED)

17-year-old Justin Bieber look-alike Austin Wierschke, of Rhinelander, Wisconsin (and a native of the United Kingdom?), is $50,000 richer today—thanks to his speedy-quick thumbs and unfailingly accurate dexterity. He's a two-time prize-winning SMS champion, ladies and gents, the fastest in our great nation. » 8/08/12 10:30pm 8/08/12 10:30pm


Tens of Thousands of People Receive Same Text Message Death Threat

A text message from a self-proclaimed hitman was sent to thousands of people in Australia. It warned them to not contact the police, under threat of death. So naturally they all called the cops and caused a mini-panic. » 7/23/12 12:00pm 7/23/12 12:00pm

A Way To Organize Your Phone's SMS Text Mess

Even with iMessages, BBM, Google Talk, and the other mobile IM clients out there, most of us still use plain old SMS text messages to do the bulk of our, well, texting. MySMS is a new service that gives texting a lot of the benefits of higher tech forms of communication. » 7/20/12 2:00pm 7/20/12 2:00pm

Has Facebook Been Reading Your Text Messages? (UPDATED)

Let's take a healthy sodium-dose here, but London's Sunday Times is alleging that Facebook has admitted to reading users' text messages. People at Facebook supposedly read the private SMS messages of users who downloaded the Facebook app on their smartphones. » 2/26/12 2:34pm 2/26/12 2:34pm

Of Course AT&T's New International Messaging Plans Would Be Ass…

AT&T just announced their new international SMS plans and they're ridonkulous: 200 messages for $30 and 500 messages for $50. Hah! 50 bucks! Just for sending texts! Who in the half brain hell would sign up for that? » 9/21/11 3:27pm 9/21/11 3:27pm

AT&T's New Text Plan Overcharges You by 10,000,000 Percent. Literally.

AT&T's killing their $10/1,000 text plan. Now, you'll have to choose between $20 for unlimited, or forgo a plan and pay $0.20 per message. AT&T calls this "streamlining." We call it what it is: an outrageous, gigantic scam. » 8/18/11 4:25pm 8/18/11 4:25pm

You're Not Sending Nearly Enough Texts For the Carriers' Bank Accounts,…

Carries can't continue capping data when text messages are slowing off. They just can't. Even though it's not even launched yet, iMessage is one of the services being blamed by the CTIA. » 6/10/11 3:40am 6/10/11 3:40am

A Guide to Fox's Guide To Sexting

Have you heard about this hot new sexting craze? All the kids are doing it, according to Fox News. And they're here to help you navigate the potential sociological minefield that is SMS flirtation. Let's take a walk through some of Fox's more salient sextiquette tips, shall we? » 2/18/11 2:09pm 2/18/11 2:09pm

With, uh, mixed results. Sounds…

Florida Politician Cheats With a Text During Nationally Televised Debate

Click to viewFlorida's gubernatorial race has been too tight to call, which is why CNN brought the two candidates on for a debate last night. During which Democrat Alex Sink was busted, on camera, for receiving an illicit text from her campaign. » 10/26/10 4:40pm 10/26/10 4:40pm

T-Mobile Claims Right to Censor Text Messages

T-Mobile told a federal judge Wednesday it may pick and choose which text messages to deliver on its network in a case weighing whether wireless carriers have the same "must carry" obligations as wire-line telephone providers. » 9/22/10 10:20pm 9/22/10 10:20pm

Complicated Chinese Characters Harder To Text, Easier To Forget

A survey of Chinese youths has found that 83% of them have struggled to remember the precise format of their language's characters when writing, old school style, with a pen or pencil. Computers and phones are to blame. » 8/26/10 3:40pm 8/26/10 3:40pm