Amazon Bought a Text-to-Speech Company to Improve its Tex............... ZZZzzzzZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Amazon bought a thing that does a thing it helps Amazon do, so presumably the first thing will help out with Amazon's thing more, we think. Ordinarily, this isn't the kind of story we'd post to Gizmodo, but in light of the fact that there's basically literally nothing happening in tech today, here you go. Let's talk… »1/24/13 10:33am1/24/13 10:33am

Audible Menus and Giant Fonts For Blind and Vision-Impaired Kindle Users in 2010

After an acrimonious decision earlier this year to let authors determine text-to-speech availability in their e-books, Amazon has vowed to roll out new Kindle features for blind and vision-impaired readers in 2010. According to a post on their site, the updates include audible menus and a new super size font for… »12/08/09 5:06pm12/08/09 5:06pm