Can The Obama Administration's Five-Year Plan For Digital Learning Work?

There's a buzz around making learning digital, no doubt spurred by Apple's recent declaration that iBooks 2 is the future of education. Now, the Obama administration has come out in support of digital learning, claiming that all students will be using digital textbooks within five years. But can that really happen? »2/03/12 6:17am2/03/12 6:17am

iWork Chief May Be Leading Apple's New Textbook Service

Apple's NYC educational event Thursday is rumored to herald its new textbook-service, but who will be leading the initiative? The WSJ reports that it will be Roger Rosner, vice president for productivity applications. Though currently in charge of the iWork software suite, he has reportedly been closely involved with… »1/17/12 6:54pm1/17/12 6:54pm