Casio Claims Highest Density TFT With 960x540 in 2 Inches

Fresh from the arms-races-that-I-didn't-even-know-were-happening department comes Casio's latest venture in ultra-high density LCD panels, which has resulted in a 546ppi, 960x540, 2.0-inch TFT. To put that into real-world terms (or "iPhone terms" as they're called around here), that means that this display is over… »9/25/08 4:00am9/25/08 4:00am

NEC Develops a Heart-Shaped LCD For Justin Timberlake Fans Everywhere

The push towards non-rectangular displays is in full swing now that NEC has developed a more flexible TFT display that integrates the wiring circuits along the perimeter of the LCD glass. As a result, a wider variety of shapes becomes possible—like the heart-shaped prototype pictured above. Despite its prototype… »5/19/08 4:40pm5/19/08 4:40pm

Upgrade Path: Apple to Shove LED Backlighting into Notebooks By End of '07?

Now that Apple's gone and promised to place LED backlighting into their LCDs this year, the only thing for you to do is time your purchase of a new laptop so you can get in on the fun. Digitimes—a pretty hit or miss source—is claiming that Apple will place LEDs into both the 13.3 and 15.4-inch laptops by the end of… »5/07/07 6:20pm5/07/07 6:20pm