Let's Talk About Whatever You Want Right Now

I'm sitting here trying to come up with the best hell-yes-it's-Friday song to celebrate the fact that hell yes it is, in fact, Friday. My very first thought was: Loverboy's "Working for the Weekend"; which made me think of that never-not-funny SNL skit with Chris Farley and Patrick Swayze at Chippendales tryouts. » 9/05/14 6:35pm 9/05/14 6:35pm

Whoa! Your Mac Can Make the "Droid" Sound

Oh this is fun! You know that noise that Motorola's Droids make? "Drooooid" in that cute droid-y voice? Your Mac can make that exact same sound! It feels a little wrong but damn if it isn't satisfying. Here's how: » 9/17/10 6:36pm 9/17/10 6:36pm

What's Next For Android?

With Froyo, Google's latest dessert-themed update to its Android mobile OS, they added even more features users were clamoring for, like wireless syncing and hotspot support. But what about future updates? We think we've got it figured out. » 5/21/10 6:00pm 5/21/10 6:00pm

The New Optical Illusions

Earlier this week we had our minds melted by the o-fficial 2010 Illusion of the Year, one of those trippy, perspective-shifting models. But come on, this is 2010! Can't we do something a little more...digital? In fact, many people are. » 5/14/10 10:20pm 5/14/10 10:20pm

Inside America's Secret Historical Tweet Vault

The Library of Congress announced this week that they'll be archiving every public tweet made since 2006, but they've been keeping track of some people's Twitter accounts way longer than that. We've collected some of the great tweets from yesteryear:
» 4/16/10 7:40pm 4/16/10 7:40pm

The Six Types of iPad Fans and Critics

Everybody, it seems, has a damned opinion about this iPad. And since everyone is so happy to tell the internet what that opinion is, it's very easy to fit them all into neat little categories. » 4/02/10 7:20pm 4/02/10 7:20pm

The Five Stages of Data Loss Grief

So your hard drive just died, and you didn't back it up. I'm so, so sorry. You can expect to go through the following five stages once you discover that all of your photos, files and music are gone forever. » 3/19/10 6:00pm 3/19/10 6:00pm

Friday Night Funnies: 8 Images to Close Out the Week

It's been a long week and we could use a laugh. We've already started worrying about taxes and pre-ordering iPads, among other stresses. To sum it all up, here are some illustrations from a cartoon maestro called Lunchbreath. » 3/12/10 8:40pm 3/12/10 8:40pm

The Apple Lawsuit Rampage We'd Love to See

Apple's lawsuit against HTC made one thing clear: Steve. Jobs. Will. Cut You. And with all the patents they've got? Nobody's safe. Here's who's next on the subpoena warpath: » 3/05/10 7:00pm 3/05/10 7:00pm

A Hypothetical Look Inside the Webcam-Spying Principal's Office

You've probably heard about the school district that installed spy software on laptops issued to its students so they could spy on them without their knowledge. Creepy! Well, here's a peek at the principal who came up with the idea. » 2/26/10 7:00pm 2/26/10 7:00pm

Quiz: Are You Addicted To Technology?

Like other substance addicts, tech-crazed geeks live in a state of denial. Let's face it, if you're reading Gizmodo, you're probably addicted to technology to some degree. But just how addicted are you? Take this simple test to find out. » 2/05/10 7:00pm 2/05/10 7:00pm

10 Gadgets That Terminate Snow and Ice

Growing up in upstate New York, I know something about ice, snow and struggling through waist high drifts piled up by the city snow plows with a woefully inadequate Toro snowblower. God, I wish I had some of this crap back then. » 1/15/10 4:00pm 1/15/10 4:00pm

10 Strange Gadget Situations Caught on Camera

It's Friday. You've got the weekend and, chances are, a short week coming up. Life is good. Let's celebrate by kicking back and enjoying some gadget hilarity. » 12/18/09 2:20pm 12/18/09 2:20pm

8 Examples Why Alcohol and Gadgets Don't Mix

Like me, you will probably unwind over the holidays and have a few drinks at a party with friends (or alone while crying in the dark). Just keep these tragic stories about mixing gadgets and booze in mind. » 12/11/09 4:00pm 12/11/09 4:00pm

10 Of The Best Spaces For Kicking Back and Relaxing

We've been focusing on gadget gift guides lately, so I thought I would mix up the lists a bit for TGIF and focus on architecture. Here are some of the best places to just kick back and relax. » 12/04/09 4:00pm 12/04/09 4:00pm

8 Examples of How NOT to Fix Your Gadget Problems

Our Friday lists are all about gadgety fun and leisure, but sometimes technology can be frustrating—and there is definitely a right way and a wrong way to handle it. This is definitely the wrong way. » 11/20/09 4:20pm 11/20/09 4:20pm

10 Human Functions We've Already Handed Over To The Machines

One idea behind a "cyborg life" is that we look to machines to take on critical, physical roles. These 10 machines illustrate how we have already begun passing the torch on tasks we are getting to lazy to do ourselves. » 11/13/09 4:00pm 11/13/09 4:00pm