Man Gets His Arm Sucked into French Train Toilet, Toilet Just Won't Let Go

Here's a piece of advice: when riding a high-speed train with a toilet that uses super-high powered suction to flush, keep your hand out of there. One unlucky Frenchman learned the value of this advice the hard way when he dropped his phone into the toilet of a TGV train. When he reached in to retrieve it, the suction… » 10/27/08 4:10pm 10/27/08 4:10pm

I Am Le Fast: France's AGV Super Train Aims to Go One Better than TGV

French engineering firm Alstom unveiled its successor the the TGV today, the AGV. Standing for Automotrice Grande Vitesse, the train, which boasts an individual engine beneath each carriage, can travel at speeds of up to 223mph, or 360kph. Up to 700 passengers can be transported at a time, and less fuel is used, as… » 2/05/08 8:07am 2/05/08 8:07am