Blackberry Shows Off The Sillier Side of the Playbook Tablet

After acquiring the design firm The Astonish Tribe last year, RIM finally has something to show for it in the form of these scrapbooking and weather apps for the Playbook tablet. They're simple, but also extremely polished and intuitive, taking full advantage of the tablet hardware. Hopefully this is a good sign for… »2/18/11 2:40am2/18/11 2:40am


Android's Interface Designers Show Us How It Could Have Looked

The Astonishing Tribe, the interface wunderkinds that designed the G1's Android UI, have released a series of images and videos »10/22/08 5:21am10/22/08 5:21am showing off a few other mobile design concepts — some that clearly didn't make the Android cut, and others that were probably never intended to. These mockups could be penance for the actual…