This Warehouse Holds All Illegal Wildlife Goods Confiscated In The U.S.

Crocodile purses, polar bear rugs, ivory chalices—they're all illegal in the U.S. And no matter where they're confiscated, these pieces ends up in a warehouse outside Denver named the National Wildlife Property Repository, a haunting space filled with the frozen faces of endangered and extinct creatures. »7/22/14 7:16pm7/22/14 7:16pm

A First-Hand Account of One of The First Forays Into Useful Nuclear Power

The Atlantic has just digitized the first-person account of Commander E.E. Kintner's experience at the Submarine Thermal Reactor, a story they first published back in January 1959. It's about one of the first nuclear reactors coming to life only a handful of years after Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and it details how… »3/22/11 5:25pm3/22/11 5:25pm