Apple to Run iPod Touch Ad...Made By a Teen Fanboy

Arn over at Macrumors points out this cool story of an iPod Touch ad being run by Apple. The thing is, it was made by Nick Haley, an 18-year old student, inspired by "Music Is My Hot, Hot Sex" by CSS. Nick was flown in to the LA offices of TBWA/Chiat/Day to do a HD version of the spot. UPDATE: Apparently this was in… » 10/27/07 8:08am 10/27/07 8:08am

Interview with Apple: A Few More iPod Details

Hey, just got out of a meeting with Apple. I learned a few things.
•iPod nano regains its bottom headphone jack, as the touch, and old nano, because there are no end caps of plastic. So to keep ports in one place, they put it on the base.
•Why didn't they combine the classic's and the touch's screen? Because a sliver… » 9/05/07 4:13pm 9/05/07 4:13pm

First Hands On the New iPod Touch (Plus Gallery)

Click to viewIt is thinner than I could have imagined. Screen is identical, and instead of the black bottom back, it has a black section for Wi-Fi in the top right. Store is fast, headset on the bottom, there is a black aluminum bezel around where the steel iPhone rim is. Best news is the headset jack is NOT recessed… » 9/05/07 2:30pm 9/05/07 2:30pm

Apple's Beat About To Go On: We're At Moscone

We (Jason, Brian and Adrian) are here outside Moscone, waiting until the proverbial guards let us in the proverbial gates to proverbially loot and plunder the iPods. Can you taste it? Adrian can taste it—and it tastes like coffee and stale donuts. Stay tuned as we regularly update between now and the start of the… » 9/05/07 11:16am 9/05/07 11:16am

Think Secret Practically Promises iPod Touch/Nano Tomorrow, Pushes Stats

Hi there. Here's a bit more party spoiler from the spies at Think Secret, who are all but promising that the iPod touch will be here tomorrow, at Apple's "The Beat Goes On" event. Check out these beefy stats.
•3.5-inch touchscreen, a la iPhone. A hard drive, not flash, for pricing and capacity limitations. Wireless… » 9/04/07 1:08pm 9/04/07 1:08pm