The Black Keys: Gold On The Ceiling

The just-released video for their song "Gold On The Ceiling" is either too high-concept to understand, or just The Black Keys being lazy with a shitty video camera and four pairs of adult footsie pajamas and four baby bottles. » 5/31/12 9:40pm 5/31/12 9:40pm

Confused Black Keys Fans Wondering Why Microsoft Windows Store Is…

So there was a wildly successful Black Keys concert in Seattle the other day featuring some Microsoft products. Or was it a Microsoft Windows store launch featuring the Black Keys? Did people even know Microsoft was involved? » 10/23/11 3:00pm 10/23/11 3:00pm

The Black Keys: Heavy Soul

Sunday is my day here at Gizmodo. Has been for some time. The day and this shift have nestled nice and snug into my life groove. Unfortunately, it's also the day I'm most apt to be a bit, ah, groggy. » 9/18/11 9:00pm 9/18/11 9:00pm