Bruce Springsteen's Inspiring Talk On Creativity and Music Is a Must…

Bruce Springsteen started this year's South by Southwest festival with a beautiful and inspiring—even tear-jerking at times—talk about creativity, music and hard work. No matter if you aren't a music buff or a Springsteen fan, it's a must watch. You can watch the entire thing here. [NPR] » 3/19/12 2:00pm 3/19/12 2:00pm

Bruce Springsteen Is Still The Boss, Even if He Did Lift Animals Riffs

During Bruce Springsteen's keynote SXSW speech last night, he disclosed that, like countless artists and musical acts before him, he routinely lifted riffs from his predecessor's songs. So does this mean he's going to get sued by the RIAA for piracy or does that count as fair use? » 3/17/12 1:00am 3/17/12 1:00am

Why I Hate the iPhone Camera (and Loved the Best Rock Concert Ever)

There. I said it. I hate it. OK, I don't really hate it. But sometimes I want to smash it against the wall. The last time was in the pit at the Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band's concert in Madrid. I was there, first row, center of the stage, after waiting a whole night and day outside of the stadium. That… » 7/31/08 9:30pm 7/31/08 9:30pm