Jon Stewart Is As Excited About Mining Asteroids As We Are

It's hard to suppress your little-kid joy when a news story drops like the prospect of asteroid mining. Clearly Jon Stewart agrees; on last night's Daily Show, he sparkled with awe while covering the story at length. Highlights include an apt Armageddon reference, and a short but oh-so-sweet cameo by one Neil… »4/26/12 11:44am4/26/12 11:44am

Jon Stewart and P.W. Singer Discuss Dangerous Robot Soldiers

Discussed within: Asimov's Laws, Microsoft Word as the downfall of robot rebellion, Astro Boy, robots with hearts of gold, Jon Stewart's embarrassing film career, and Japan's decidedly adorable robot culture. Watch after the jump. »1/31/09 12:30pm1/31/09 12:30pm

Jeff 'Magic Wall' Han on The Daily Show, Exposes CNN's Nefarious Multitouch Conspiracy

Click to view »11/19/08 4:45am11/19/08 4:45amWe're not the only ones with CNN's over-the-top , which they use in equal measure to cover elections, entertain babies and just fill time — fake TV news has been for all it's worth. Now The Daily Show is on the case, and they've sent John Oliver to talk to Jeff Han, the man behind . What he finds aren't…

Daily Show Writers Use Viacom's YouTube Suit to Hilariously Explain the Strike

Because of the WGA strike, there's no Daily Show, which sucks. But if you think you're suffering, think of how the writers of that wonderful program feel! In this video that the writers of our favorite mock newscast made on the picketline, they clearly explain why this strike is happening and how the studio chiefs are… »11/15/07 5:01pm11/15/07 5:01pm

Bill Gates Tells Jon Stewart Why He Should Buy Vista (Yes, It Was As Boring As This Headline)

If you were hoping that on The Daily Show last night Bill Gates would give you a compelling reason to rush out and buy Vista, then move along, cause there's nothing to see here. Overall, it was standard PR that sadly lacked in hilarity other than Jon Stewart asking if the beta version of Vista will make you… »1/30/07 2:09am1/30/07 2:09am