You Really Are Never Too Old to Learn a New Technology

Truly! There is absolutely no age cut-off for learning a new technology. I mean, if a four-year-old can operate an iPad, there is absolutely no reason why that infant's grandmother or grandfather shouldn't be able to as well. After all, most if not all of our grandparents have used a typewriter at one point or… » 10/01/12 9:30pm 10/01/12 9:30pm

The Touchscreen Computer for Old People Unclear on the Concept

I hope I never get so old as to require my progeny to buy me an idiot-proofed version of the latest technological innovation—that'd be insulting. But I might just get one of these Telikins for my Mom. » 8/24/11 10:20pm 8/24/11 10:20pm

Confused Old Driver Follows GPS Directions Into Old Church

Old people and technology don't always get along. Like the retired British couple who were driving in Germany last week when their GPS told them to turn right, leading them straight into a 19th century church. Damn you, computer things! » 1/25/11 7:40am 1/25/11 7:40am