That Time Jason Biggs Played the Creator of Bitcoin on TV

Ever since the advent of streaming TV, I've always had a show that I put on in the background during chores. Recently, that show has been The Good Wife, which I picked pretty much solely because it was streaming for free with Amazon Prime. Little did I know that I had stumbled upon the Best Technology Show on TV. » 6/20/14 8:00pm 6/20/14 8:00pm

The Good Wife, Where Computers...Save the Day. Just Like in The Good Wife

You might think the TV show The Good Wife is best suited to middle-aged women (so much so that my fiance enforces reference restraint when we're out with friends). Seriously though, it's one of the best shows on TV. Character Depth! Complex, contemporary issues! And tons of tech. Bear with me. » 2/04/12 9:00pm 2/04/12 9:00pm