A Seamless Jacket Made From a Single Piece of Origami-Folded Fabric

Seams can be your biggest enemy when you're trying to design a jacket that's both lightweight and wind/waterproof. So The North Face engineered its new Fuse Uno jacket to assemble from a single piece of fabric like a complex origami model, reducing the number of seams that need to be stitched and sealed. »2/25/14 12:40pm2/25/14 12:40pm

Feet On: The North Face Endurus XCR Boa Shoes Dial In Your Fit

These Endurus XCR Boa trail running shoes by The North Face are relatively light at about 16 ounces each, and they're made of waterproof Gore-Tex which is breathable but keeps those feet dry. Their most unusual feature is the lacing system that lets you tie your shoes by turning a special knob, dialing in an even… »1/03/07 4:17pm1/03/07 4:17pm