The Ring With More Fruit and Less Scary Japanese Lady

We're not sure what kind of person (or family) needs to keep a stock of 20 apples, oranges, and what could be limes in their home, but this Ring design seems to satisfy your crazy craving for produce. Fresh fruit goes in at the top, and less fresh fruit comes out the bottom. A cool design, but unless you plan on… » 4/16/07 11:30am 4/16/07 11:30am

DirecTV Turns Bad Guys Good in Christmas Spot

DirecTV plays the Christmas card, putting together a beautifully-directed musical montage of movie villains turned good. It didn't make us want to subscribe to DirecTV, or even to watch any of the movies featuring those villains such as Chucky, Darth Vader and that girl from The Ring, but it's entertaining nonetheless. » 12/18/06 11:01am 12/18/06 11:01am