Your Best iPad 2 Bet Tomorrow: RadioShack

A blurry photo sent into MacRumors—and confirmation from local managers—indicates that the best place to find an iPad 2 tomorrow might just be RadioShack. Five hundred storefronts across the US will apparently be getting units in tomorrow, although don't start downloading those HD apps quite yet. » 3/28/11 4:07pm 3/28/11 4:07pm

Radio Shack Giving Away Free T-Mobile Phones On June 19th Too

Radio Shack is one upping the T-Mobile Father's Day Free Phone offer by giving away free T-Mobile BlackBerrys, HD2s, and Android phones to ANY plan, single or family. No mail in rebates, no activation fees, just FREE. [TmoNews] » 6/16/10 5:57pm 6/16/10 5:57pm

RadioShack Will Offer iPhone 4 On Launch Day

Based on this rather self-explanatory tweet from the corporate Radio Shack account, it looks like you'll have an extra place to check for an iPhone 4 in case your local Apple, Best Buy, or AT&T stores are sold out: » 6/08/10 4:07pm 6/08/10 4:07pm

The Secrets of Eccentric, Mad-Scientist RadioShacks

They're described as "eccentric, mad-scientist RadioShacks" and they're full of gadget guts, cables, and parts you won't find in the average, corporate-owned locations. Run by "RadioShack nostalgics" who want to keep hobby shops alive, these stores are shrines to tinkering. » 5/10/10 7:20pm 5/10/10 7:20pm

Oh Snap! Guess What I Saw!

Seriously, folks: Guess what I saw in this oddly catchy commercial for the Shack, because I can't figure it out. All I know is that Biz Markie is excited about something and that there's a squirrel DJ. » 12/20/09 8:07pm 12/20/09 8:07pm

Check Your Receipts When You Exit Radio Shack

A Consumerist reader was scammed into giving a donation to Livestrong that he didn't consent to, as he found out when he got home and discovered an unauthorized donation on his receipt. » 11/25/09 6:20pm 11/25/09 6:20pm

Radio Shack Officially Becoming "The Shack", Celebrating With Two…

Rumors that Radio Shack was going to rebrand themselves as "The Shack" appear to be true. In fact, the switchover is officially slated to begin tomorrow. » 8/05/09 1:07pm 8/05/09 1:07pm

RadioShack Makeover: "The Shack" Coming Soon?

As RadioShack refocuses its image to encompass more cellphone sales than radio parts and other somewhat, shall we say, dated merchandise, there's apparently some renaming coming soon to go along with it. » 8/02/09 9:45pm 8/02/09 9:45pm