Zune 2.5 Update Brings TV Shows, More Social Networking, Improved Software Features

The Zune 2.5 Spring update launches tomorrow, and with it comes purchasable TV shows and even more social networking functions. The big part is more tightly-integrated social stuff—like being able to see your friends' Zune cards inside of the Zune software instead of heading to your browser—the upside of which is… » 5/05/08 11:28pm 5/05/08 11:28pm

Apple iPods and iPhones to Start Sharing, Selling Music

In a rather Zunesque move, Apple may be planning its own version of "the social" for the iPod and iPhone. An Apple patent, recently made public, details a system where Wi-Fi-enabled devices such as cellphones and MP3 players can find each other automatically, perform device-to-device transfers, share contact info, and… » 7/12/07 11:45am 7/12/07 11:45am

Proporta Cases Make Zune Safe for Socializing

You know, it isn't just the iPod that gets tricked out accessories and protective cases every fourteen seconds. Proporta just announced a bunch of cases for the Microsoft Zune, which is good news for all those Zune users out there. Three cases—aluminum, leather and silicone—all serve to protect your precious Zune from… » 1/05/07 3:32pm 1/05/07 3:32pm